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Pro Insulation is an Arkansas-based licensed contractor who has provided mechanical, piping, and ductwork insulation & resinous flooring solutions for multiple applications to our customers throughout the Midwest for more than four decades.


Our skilled project managers are capable of managing your job from the initial estimate through project completion.  In addition to new insulation projects, Pro Insulation can secure, repair, and replace insulation already established in facilities. With branches in Fort Smith, Sherwood, and Springdale, we are equipped to handle all the needs of our customers.  Depth in resources, talent, and strength allows us to handle almost any project throughout the entire United States for:

Our Safety Policy Statement

Pro Insulation is committed to a safe workplace in compliance with governmental regulations and industry safe work practices. Protecting the public and our employees is the most important aspect of any work we perform. Our mindset is that safety must never be compromised and is a shared goal of Pro Insulation employees at every level.

Ultimately, every employee is accountable for avoiding unsafe practices and mitigating unsafe working conditions. All personnel employed by Pro Insulation are expected to advance the corporate initiatives by virtue of strict adherence to corporate safety policies and must assume responsibility for safety as a personal duty; the mark of true professionals.

Safety begins with education and we strive to ensure that our employees remain focused and observant of the risks we face in our daily tasks. Knowledge and awareness is furnished to our team by means of the following:

  • Employment of a dedicated, full-time Safety Director

  • Safety orientation at hire

  • Sign-off on corporate safety initiatives

  • Weekly Toolbox Topics

  • Daily jobsite hazard analysis

  • Routine jobsite safety audits

  • Regular in-person safety training

  • Inspections of personal protective equipment

  • Safety incentive programs

It is both a requirement and expectation that our employees will contribute a personal commitment with active participation to breed a culture of safety awareness. Every day, on every project, we are focused on embedding the sound principles of safe-work practices into our corporate DNA to prevent any occurrence that would endanger life or health. We do this because we believe it is important and more importantly, because we care.


Scott Fairclough,


Pro Insulation

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